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Any age limit for shareholders?
Can I change my business to be functional nationally?
On MOFCOM new policies on WFOE or JV set-up
Any government recruitment & HR development assistance?
state government position for wage increase?
Differentiated incentives for JV or WFOE?
Any Rental Subsidies in the Park?
Do you have any grants for start-ups?
Any famous game developers in the park?
Is there any famous local game developers in the park?
Procedure Guide for Setting up a WFOE
Incentives for foreign invested companies in Chengdu
How can I start a WFOE or joint venture in Chengdu? Is there a list of procedures and steps to follow? How long does it take?
What are the costs involved in starting a WFOE or a joint venture?
Is there a minimum amount of money that one is required to invest when they start a company in Chengdu?