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Overtime government services provided in CDHT

Since August 1, CDHT began to offer overtime government services during workday lunch time, and public holidays so as to provide more convenience to individuals and companies that need government approvals.

From 12:00-13:00 on August 1, the first day the mechanism began, CDHT offered consultation or approval services to over 500 applicants.

“My colleague and I take turns to have lunch to make sure at least one of us is at the counter to serve the people”,said Liu Xi, a civil servant working in CDHT Personal Labor and Social Security Bureau,“We cut our lunch break from 1 hour to half an hour to make sure people don’t wait.”

Previously, Chengdu legislated public service time was from 9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00. No service was available during public holidays. Usually people need to ask for a leave to get their application accepted during the government working time. There might be long queue during rush seasons. Chengdu recently eased household(or Hukou)restriction, and people flocked to Chengdu to settle done. For the government has a limited daily manned approval capacity, applicants arrived even 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, waiting in lines to make sure their application get accepted on the same day.

To facilitate the procedures, Chengdu and CDHT have made an implementary system to improve the government services. First, to digitalize some approval procedures such as tax declaration and company registration; Second, to encourage an appointment service system that applicants could make appointment with relevant government service counters in advance to avoid long-time waiting on site. Special apps, micro programs and micro blogs are specially developed to accept services. Third, to offer overtime government services during lunch time, Saturdays and long public holidays such as the 3-day Labor Holiday, 3-day Mid-autumn Holiday and 7-day National Festival. For applicants that have already been in the government public service venues, their application shall be accepted on the same day though the government staff shall work overtime.

According to CDHT Public Security Bureau, 450 applications were accepted on August 1 alone. 50 of them were accepted after 17:00, the legislated working time of the government.

During recent years, Chengdu government is cutting the red tapes, and be more service rather than approval oriented, creating a more friendly business and living environment.